Hello and welcome to Taking the Pixel, the home of illustrator and designer Barry Sexton.
With nearly 20 years experience, I've had the pleasure of crafting illustrations, images, and characters for a diverse range of industries including advertising, print, animation, and the dynamic world of television and film.
Now, I'm excited to share my passion for art with you! Whether you're a seasoned industry professional or embarking on your first art commission, I'm here to provide a friendly and personalized illustration service tailored to your needs. I understand the importance of bringing your vision to life, and I'm committed to making that happen. Whether you're seeking captivating artwork for print or a digital masterpiece, I'm equipped to meet your requirements with precision and creativity. Let's explore the endless possibilities together and transform your ideas into stunning illustrations that resonate.
Get in touch and let's create something special together.
If you’d like to see some of my work from TV & Film then take a look here.
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